Not all wearable Health Tech devices are high-tech. Some are just clever devices that can help in certain situations. For example, consider the VINO glasses from 2AI Labs. They look like magenta sunglasses, but there’s more to the story.

Paramedics and nurses need to wear safety glasses to protect their eyes. The VINO glasses are designed to provide an added benefit. The color of the lenses is carefully selected to help make blood veins stand out in a patient’s skin. Oxygenated blood in arteries coming from the lungs is the familiar bright crimson, but blood in the veins carrying carbon dioxide back to the lungs is a dark purple or blue. (Think of the color of a bad bruise, which is caused by pooling of blood under the skin.) The colored lenses filter the light so that the dark veins stand out more, making it easier for healthcare workers when drawing blood or performing other procedures.

2AI Labs also has developed tinted lenses designed to help people with red-green color-blindness to be able to distinguish different shades of color. In both cases, the technology is pretty simple, relying on carefully engineered color filters rather than complex digital electronics. Sometimes, a simple wearable device can make a big difference.