It’s not uncommon to see children wearing earphones, from toddlers to teens. Sadly, it’s also not uncommon for these young people to suffer from hearing loss. According to Puro Sound Labs, one out of every five teenagers have some hearing loss. A major factor is that they are exposed to unsafe sound levels while listening to their music.

Puro Sound Labs addresses this problem by making headphones that limit the volume level to a maximum of just 85 dB for most portable devices. That’s less than the sound created by a typical food blender, and about the equivalent of chamber music in a small auditorium. It’s also the maximum continuous level allowed by OSHA for an eight-hour workday.

The company claims “studio grade” sound quality, and offers high-end Bluetooth wireless models. However, the company’s founders want to make sound-limiting technology available to as many children as possible. As a result, they also offer lower-priced wired versions, including over-the-ear models for $39.99 and in-ear models for $29.99. These prices are more attractive, but the real story is in the company’s prices for schools. They offer the wired models at a steep discount for schools: $20 for the over-the-ear models, and just $10 (two-thirds off the list price) for the in-ear models.

We risk facing a future epidemic of adults with hearing loss due to the widespread use of portable devices and headphones as entertainment for children of all ages. Companies like Puro Sound Labs are doing what they can to prevent hearing impairment among children. In a case such as this, an ounce of prevention is surely worth more than a pound of cure.