We’ve covered devices here that actively stimulate your brain using electrical current (such as the Thync), but it’s also possible to alter your mood simply by using technology to monitor your brain activity. With feedback from this information, you can learn to enhance the type of brain activity that you want, such as improving focus or reducing anxiety.

BrainCo is a new company with a product that does just this. The Focus 1 is a headband that detects and records electroencephalogram (EEG) brain wave signals. This information is then fed to an app running on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Some apps simply give you an analysis of the waves your brain is producing. Other apps provide games that will reward you for producing more of the desired brain waves. For example, alpha waves (8 to 13 Hertz) are a sign of relaxation, while beta waves (18 to 25 Hertz) signify an alert and focused brain.

The headband uses solid gel electrodes for convenience, and it connects with other devices using a WiFi wireless connection. The device may even be able to let the wearer control connected devices simply by thinking. The product is expected to ship in the first half of 2017.