It’s tough to imagine wearing a kitchen sink on your wrist, but in the interest of acceptance of the smart watch as a viable platform, manufacturers are stuffing as many functions as they can into wrist-borne wearables. As a case in point, the Apple Watch Series 2, priced from $269 to $1,049, bills itself as a superior sports watch, advanced activity tracker, powerful health tool set, and an all-day assistant with apps, notifications, and Siri voice support.

Cronovo, Inc. has set out to build a much longer function list for the Cronovo Smart Watch. On the company website and a current Kickstarter campaign, the Cronovo watch lists all the features of the Apple smart watch and more. Among the health benefits promised by the Cronovo are heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) tracking to monitor heart health, exercise performance, and stress. The watch also will monitor sleep and other activities 24 hours a day and include an SOS feature to alert family and friends if the user’s health signs warrant assistance.

The Cronovo design calls for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect with associated iOS and Android mobile devices, near-field communications (NFC) to serve as a digital wallet, and an IR blaster to replace home infrared remote controls. The watch also boasts voice control with a speaker, gesture recognition for touchless control, and a circular user interface for quickly switching and choosing apps. The battery is rated to last three days on a charge. In addition to calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp notification, the company says the Cronovo will provide intuitive weather, traffic, and score updates for your favorite teams. The watch will include access to custom exercise and yoga workouts with graphics and complete nutrition plans with full recipes, according to the company.

The Cronovo’s ambitious feature list pushes the envelope past reasonable expectations, but the company has almost a year to make good if it meets the estimated 2017 shipping date. The Cronovo Smart Watch is planned to have an eventual retail price of 190 pounds (about $241), but a Super Early Bird Special still available on Kickstarter is 84 pounds ($106). If Cronovo can deliver on all promised features it will be a heads up to consumers and competitors. Since the Apple watch already includes most of the functions cited for the Cronovo, dismissing the company’s plan as impossible may be premature, especially with almost a year to make it work.