As we get older, our bodies often don’t function as well as when we were younger. Our hearing may become impaired, and we become more fumble-fingered as our fine motor control degrades. Unfortunately, these two changes can combine to make life more difficult, as anyone who has had to change the tiny hearing aid batteries will tell you. ZPower is a company that may have a solution to this problem.

The company has created a system of rechargeable batteries for hearing aids. The system is compatible with many existing hearing aid models, so you don’t have to change hearing aids to take advantage of it. It works by replacing the original battery door with one that has external contacts for their recharging dock that can hold up to two hearing aids. The batteries use silver-zinc technology that the company states has 40% more capacity that other rechargeable microbatteries. The batteries can be recharged more than 400 times without a “significant” loss in capacity.

In addition to eliminating the problem of having to fumble with tiny batteries, the ZPower system can be good for the environment. The company estimates that one of their rechargeable batteries will take the place of up to 100 disposable batteries, and the zinc-silver design is completely recyclable. As a result, this system could make life a little easier for those who have some hearing loss.