Have you ever noticed something go “bump” in your heartbeat? Sometimes, it’s just a “premature ventricular contraction” (PVC) that are more or less normal for people who have healthy hearts. It may feel as though your heart “skipped a beat” but it’s not a sign of anything dangerous. On the other hand, irregular heart rhythms can be the result of fibrillation that can cause the heart to beat less effectively, resulting in dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, or other symptoms. Another problem with many rhythm irregularities is that they may not happen very often, which can make it difficult to “catch” them during a visit to a doctor’s office.

One solution is to have a way to measure your heartbeats when you’re away from a clinical setting. In the past, we have written about BeWellConnect‘s MyECG device. You hold the device between your two hands, and it functions the same as a single-lead ECG to sense and record your heart beats. In just 30 seconds, it records the wave forms, and the device can sync wirelessly to apps running on a smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection. You can then share the results with your doctor or other healthcare professional. The FDA-cleared device uses three AAA batteries, and can store up to 20 readings.

The company has announced that MuECG will start shipping in December at a retail price of $349. This device could help bring peace of mind for people who are concerned about their irregular heartbeats, and can help those with intermittent symptoms record data during an episode that may help doctors diagnose and treat them if there is a problem.