Telemedicine has the potential to save lives and improve outcomes while driving down overall healthcare costs. One possible avenue to these gains is to avoid expensive and time-consuming office or hospital visits by sending healthcare workers to the homes of patients with chronic conditions to monitor their health. It often does not make economic sense to send physicians on such visits, but there are times when a worker with less training may not be able to make required decisions based on the patient’s data.

Yorktel is a company that provides video communications solutions for a wide range of industries, including healthcare. They are now offering a series of FeatherMed kits specifically designed to support mobile healthcare workers. Packed in a convenient and lightweight case, the kits include a tablet computer with a camera and display so that the worker and patient can consult by video with a physician or other professional. Proprietary technology makes it possible to deliver high resolution video and audio while using as little as 13% of the data bandwidth required for some other products. The streaming video system is secured end-to-end.

Yorktel offers three different kits, each containing FDA-cleared connected devices that can send imagery and data back to clinicians for analysis and diagnosis. The most complete configureation includes a blood pressure kit and a pulse oxygen monitor. With equipment and connectivity offered by kits like these, patients will be able to get clinical-quality access to medical specialists without having to leave their homes.