Do you pull or play with your hair, bite your nails, put your hand on your chin, pick at your skin, or have other meaningless behaviors? You may not even be aware when you’re doing them, but they can be distracting and send the wrong messages to other people. If you have compulsive or subconscious behaviors, or just habits you’d like to stop, Habitaware’s Liv drug-free solution doesn’t require that you spend hours with a therapist. Based on the concept of Cognitive Rational Therapy, the Liv wristband alerts you to the behaviors you want to stop as soon as you start.

By definition, if you become conscious of your actions they are no longer subconscious, which means you’ll have greater chances of controlling them. The Liv bracelet’s motion sensors detect arm movements and vibrate silently when you move in a pattern it is trained to detect. You train the Liv wearable with a free iOS or Android app that runs on a smartphone or other mobile device to which the bracelet connects via Bluetooth. One Liv can be trained to recognize up to four different behaviors, which can be modified or replaced at any time by re-training. Other than training you don’t need to be near the mobile device. Stored data in the bracelet transmits to the app when in range so you can monitor your progress.

The Liv bracelet charges in two hours via a microUSB connection and can run all day on a charge. If you only use one hand for a habitual behavior one Liv device is sufficient, but according to Habitaware, people who use either or both hands will get better results with two Liv bracelets. Habitaware is finalizing the device and is currently accepting pre-orders, with delivery scheduled for late 2016.