Childbirth commonly weakens or damages pelvic floor muscles. According to Lifesense Group, as many as one in three women have pelvic floor damage as a result of childbirth. Lifesense’s Carin combines three elements to help women regain pelvic strength and bladder health. Carin’s approach to improving bladder function includes fashionable protective underwear to absorb leakage, an exercise application that serves as a personal trainer for a woman’s pelvic floor, and a wearable sensor that unobtrusively alerts the user and helps monitor progress in rebuilding pelvic floor strength and bladder health.

Carin Protect underwear is washable and re-usable. The material dries fast for increased comfort and can be washed along with regular laundry on a delicate fabric setting. There is no mention of using Carin Protect for people with incontinence, so it’s not a replacement for adult diapers, but can reduce the need for disposable pads. Carin Exercise entails three principles of pelvic floor training: feeling the muscles, strengthing pelvic floor and core muscle groups, and gaining control and coordination of the muscles in the pelvic floor for strength and endurance.

Carin Measure is a small Bluetooth wireless sensor that combines the functions of a fitness tracker and health sensor. The Carin Measure snaps into a special pocket in Carin Protect underwear. The sensor detects leakage and sends an alert to a smartphone. The notification allows the wearer to take action if she chooses and also tracks the leakage events so users can monitor bladder function progress. The event history can also be useful for determining specific activities that are associated with greater or more frequent leakage.

The Carin three phase approach to pelvic floor strength and improved bladder health may save many women from the aggravation, frustration, and potential embarrassment of chronic bladder leakage.