The human body is a complex array of systems and feedback loops that help us function. Sometimes those systems need a little assist to work properly. One common solution is to administer drugs to encourage or discourage the operation of one function or another. Researchers are finding more targeted ways to address disease and chronic conditions, including the use of implants that directly stimulate parts of the brain or nerves in the body.

This fast-growing field is the focus of a conference to be held later this month in San Francisco. On October 24 and 25, technologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors will gather for the 2016 Neurotech Leaders Forum. The first day will cover implants for “neuromodulation.” These new devices are designed for everything from treating overactive bladder control problems to Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. This also includes retinal implants that can help restore sight for some blind people. The implants can be designed for deep brain stimulation and spinal chord stimulation.

The program will also cover topics of interest for startups and investors, such as industry forecasts, funding sources, and the markets for consumer and healthcare products. Cutting edge solutions will also be discussed, such as non-invasive brain stimulation and ways to treat hypertension and other systemic conditions in tandem with drugs, or without drugs altogether.