Digital health and related fields are growing at an unprecedented rate. Each day brings new technology advances and discoveries. One major challenge is finding ways to share all this new information efficiently, and to help the innovators connect with the healthcare experts so that patients can benefit from these advances.

The American Heart Association (AHA) has responded to this challenge with the creation of the Center for Heath Technology & Innovation (CHTI). The organization’s mission is to advance health technologies to promote innovative and scalable solutions. CHTI held a Health Tech & Innovation Forum last week in San Francisco that brought together experts from the fields of medicine, technology, industry, research, and investment to promote an exchange of news and ideas about the changing healthcare field.

From large corporations to small start-ups, from researchers to medical practitioners, all can benefit from sharing ideas, experiences, insights, and research results. By providing a place to encourage such an exchange of information, the AHA and the CHTI hope to speed the adoption of innovative technology to help consumers enjoy better health outcomes.