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Type I and Type II diabetics who need to test blood glucose levels daily typically have to take the readings from two to eight times a day. Getting accurate readings, keeping track of readings over time, and sharing the information with caregivers take time and require careful attention to details.

Dario Health’s Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System promises to simplify the entire blood glucose reading process. A pocket-sized container has a built-in lancing device with replaceable lancets. The container also holds a supply of test strips and the removable Smart Glucose Meter. The glucose meter plugs into a smartphone headphone jack. You plug the meter into your phone, use the lancet to prick your finger, draw blood into the test strip, and then place the test strip in the glucose meter.

According to Dario Health, the app produces a fast, accurate blood glucose level reading quickly. The app automatically records the score so you can track it over time, plus you can use the app to share your information with healthcare professionals and family members. One particularly interesting feature, Emergency Hypo Alerts, sends text messages including GPS location to designated contacts in case of low blood sugar readings.

The All-in-One Smart Glucose Meter costs $19.99 through the company website. Dario Health sells the test strips in boxes of 50 either as single purchases or on an automatic delivery plan. A box of 50 strips costs $20 for a single purchase but there’s a 37.5 percent discount if you sign up for automatic delivery each month for $12.50 per box. The company says that while their system and supplies are not covered by insurance, that the low cost per test — $0.25 with a home delivery plan — may be equal or lower than many insurance co-pays.

The key benefit of the Dario system, besides possibly saving money, lies in the all-in-one nature of blood glucose testing management. The device has received FDA clearance and CE approval in Europe.