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Regardless of how many times Mom or Dad told us to “Stand up straight” and “Sit up straight”, most of us don’t. Good posture matters, and not just because we look better when our backs and necks are in correct posture. A myriad of health problems can result from poor posture. Back pain and neck pain are just the start, but over time poor posture can cause problems with sleeping, digestion, movement, and more.

Neurospectrum has developed a wearable posture coach the company claims can retrain most of us to improve our posture by wearing it just 30 minutes a day. After testing with self-funded prototypes, Neurospectrum has launched a kickstarter campaign to start full scale manufacturing of the Monolith Electronic Posture Coach. The Monolith looks a bit like an oversized Western bolo tie, and that’s how you wear it. There’s a padded neck strap and the device hangs in the middle of your chest. The device has a magnetic sensor that measures flux density (as a proxy for distance) to evaluate the position of your neck and back.

There are apps for iOS, Android, and the web. In each case data from the Monolith is uploaded via a Bluetooth connection with your phone to the Neurospectrum servers. You can use the apps to set the tolerance from ideal posture. When the preset tolerance is exceeded, the Monolith will alert you with your choice of visual, audible, or vibration alerts, or all three. The app also records what happens during the 30-minute sessions so you can track your progress and improvement. According to Neurospectrum, it’s better not to exceed 30 minutes a day with the Monolith because variability in posture is healthy, but over time if you are consistent with daily sessions while sitting or standing, the company claims your posture will improve. If you already have pain due to poor posture perhaps that will improve as well. Mom would be proud.