Z-Wave Labs

One of the principle characteristics of many wearable Health Tech devices is that they not only gather important information, but they can then transmit that information wirelessly so that it can be stored, processed, and analyzed. Many users are familiar with Bluetooth and WiFi, but there are other standards in use as well. Z-Wave is a radio-frequency technology designed for low-power applications that require low data transfer rates, which is ideal for the Internet of Things. The Z-Wave Alliance is an industry group of 375 companies with a combined 1,500 products available.

To encourage innovation in their industry, the group created Z-Wave Labs. This is an annual competition that is open to individuals and companies who are looking to develop a product that incorporates Z-Wave technology. Entries can be for products or services for a wide range of markets, from residential to automotive, security to aging-in-place. Four winners are chosen a year: one each quarter. Winners receive a year-long membership in the Z-Wave Alliance and a developer kit provided by Sigma Designs. Winners will also have the chance to share exhibit space at the alliance’s booth at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Past winners include BeON Home, which has launched smart light bulbs that can perform a variety of functions through the use of interchangeable module inserts. Competitions such as this one can give a new company a jump start, or bring individual talent to the attention of the industry as a whole. Entries can be made online.