Omate S3 senior watch

Smartwatches continue to struggle to find their place in the consumer electronics market. One possible reason is that people have not yet found the “killer app” that makes them essential in our daily lives. Omate hopes to fill the needs of a niche market with their new S3 watch, designed specifically for seniors.

The key feature is that the watch knows its location based on a combination of GPS, 3G cellular signals, and WiFi hotspots. A single button provides emergency access to help, using WiFi or the built-in 3G cellphone feature to transmit an alert to contacts. This could be attractive for seniors who don’t want the stigma of wearing an alert pendant. The fact that the watch is also a phone makes it easier for the wearer to make and receive phone calls without having to cope with the complexity of a smartphone. The interface includes a simplified dialer and contact directory. The watch can also perform other functions, such as offering medication reminders and tracking activity.

Omate has partnered with the mobile safety and security service Monitorlinq to provide the monitoring services. The watch is expected to be available in Europe starting with France and Spain in September, and is expected to have an unlocked retail price of 149 Euros (about $165) which could make it an attractive value.