MIT Better World

I recently had the opportunity to sit in a large meeting room filled with exceptionally smart people from all around the world. They were there to pool their skills and knowledge to tackle a shared problem. I was impressed by the give and take, and the deep insights that these people were able to share with each other. Their combined efforts will help make the world a better place.

My one-day experience with a hundred others was just a drop in the ocean compared with an ambitious program that was just announced by MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  The school has launched the “MIT Campaign for a Better World,” which includes a goal of raising $5 billion to fund the projects. The program ranges from improving education at the university through tackling health and global earth science problems. To attract the best students and faculty, the Institute will increase financial aid and fellowships. It will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and create new opportunities to conduct discovery research.

MIT has already raised more than half of the total goal, including support from more than 77,000 alumni and friends. The school asks for your support in the form of sharing information about the campaign using the #MITBetterWorld hashtag.