Sensmi with video 600x275

Do you ever feel stressed? We all do. But can you quantify it? It certainly stands to reason that if you had a baseline stress level, then you could compare at any given time if you were below, above, or right on it. The only problem is, how do you measure your level of stress? Most of us don’t have an accurate, objective stress meter. But you can get one. A new device that just started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign promises to act as a valid and reliable tool to track and analyze your daily stress levels.

Sensmi, from the company of the same name, is a wristband that records and saves 14 days worth of galvanic skin response data. Sensmi is water-resistant, has military-grade privacy protection, 7+ day battery life, and it uses Bluetooth 3.0 close range wireless transmissions to relay information to iOS and Android mobile devices.

The proposed typical uses for Sensmi include discovering which tasks, people, or times of day bother you the most, learning more about your sleep patterns so that you can improve your rest, and tracking meditation sessions to see exactly how far you actually get into the zone. Again, rather than focusing on a specific number or measure, the greater benefit will be to track and observe relative changes over time in reaction to specific stressors, or as you learn and practice.

The Sensmi Indiegogo campaign has a month to go, with the usual discounts to people who preorder. If you want to learn more about your own stress and relaxation with a tool that stores and graphs history on your smartphone, Sensmi is designed for just the purpose. If Sensmi performs as promised, it can be a helpful stress management tool.