Qardio Target

“Connected Health” is the hot concept that allows consumers to gather data about their bodies so that it can be stored, analyzed, and shared. You can tell when a concept reaches a critical mass in the marketplace; major retailers sit up and take notice.

That’s exactly what has happened, as shown by a press release from Qardio, a company that makes connected health devices. The company has announced that two of its products will serve as the “anchors” for a new “Connected Health” section being rolled out by the discount retail giant Target. The stores will feature the QardioBase and QardioArm. The QardioBase is a smart scale that measures your weight as well as analyzes your body fat and muscle mass. The QardioArm is a wireless blood pressure monitor that makes it quick and easy for a user to take their own blood pressure. Both devices connect wirelessly to a smartphone where the Qardio app records and analyzes the measurements, making it easier to track trends over time and share the results with healthcare professionals.

By setting up a separate section for products like these, Target is making a strong statement about the level of consumer interest in connected health.