Kito+ with video 600x273

As we’ve written in numerous articles before, there are wearable and carryable Health Tech gadgets galore that measure one or more health metrics and transmit the data to smartphones. Few Health Tech devices are also a phone case, such as Azoi‘s Kito+.

Kito+ is a custom designed iPhone case that measures your heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen level, electrocardiography (ECG), and skin temperature. Azoi Inc. is ISO 13485 certified, which signifies its ability to design and produce quality medical products. The Kito+ comes in two parts, a sensor unit and phone case that holds both the sensor and a phone. The current model fits iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus. There are currently no cases for Android phones, although the free downloadable Kito+ app is available in both iOS and Android versions. The company states that you can use the Kito+ sensor unit without the case with an Android phone, but why do that? The cool factor and definitely the convenience of the design concept would both suffer.

The Kito+ comes with a separate magnetic charger and the company states it will run for two months on a charge. The case reportedly has a leather grip texture, although made of a plastic material. We’ve seen similar cases on some Samsung smartphones and they both feel good and aid handling; they’re not slippery and therefore not easy to drop.

This combination of smartphone and health monitor is a great idea and we’ll likely see more in the coming months and years.