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According to Core Scientific Creations (CSC), the U.S. Department of Defense has stated that 84% of deaths from battle wounds (DOW) happen because of bleeding, of which 67% were in areas of the body where neither compression nor tourniquets could be applied. CSC developed WoundClot, available now worldwide, to stop bleeding from traumatic injuries, on or off the battlefield.

WoundClot is a sterile, single-use gauze made of cellulose material that can stop the flow of venous and even arterial bleeding. When the gauze gets wet with blood, water, or any fluid, it transforms into a gel within seconds. This not only stops blood flow but speeds the body’s natural clotting process. With the claimed ability to absorb more than 2500% of its own weight in fluids, the gel substance remains stable on the wound. WoundClot isn’t bound for the family or office first aid kit because personnel need to be trained in its application to avoid contamination of the wound and insure best adhesion. With a rated safe use of up to 24 hours, the WoundClot gel can be removed in a hospital or medical facility with water and saline.

WoundClot is not just for the battlefield, but is also appropriate for first responders and other field applications where immediate care is required before transport to a hospital. CSC says WoundClot can be used for lacerations and abrasions as well as for severe cuts with venous or arterial bleeding.

While WoundClot may not be right for civilian use by non-medically trained personnel now, if it works as stated, the fast acting, life-saving benefit is of such significance that one wonders if a course similar to CPR could be developed for wider use.