MyPip dashboard

We first covered the Pip a little over a year ago. The little pointed puck is designed to measure “electrodermal activity” as a measure of the subject’s stress level, and a suite of smartphone apps provide exercises and games to help you relax. In one app, a frozen winter scene slowly thaws and spring blossoms across the land as the sensor detects that you have relaxed.

The company has now announced a new MyPip dashboard feature. This is a cloud-based system that stores the records the data from your sessions with the Pip. You can add notes in journal entries to track events in your life and your observations about stress. The data that it collects can help you identify patterns and stressful situations, that can provide insights that can help you manage and relieve stress in your life.

One important aspect of the system is that you can share the data with therapist and healthcare professionals if you want. The company claims that the system is HIPAA compliant, meeting the requirements for keeping patient data private and secure. This attention to compliance is missing in many Health Tech applications, and we hope that more products will take regulations and other requirements into consideration as they build their products and services. It’s a lot easier to build this into the product from the start than it is to figure out how to close the barn door later on.