XYZlife shirts

XYZprinting is a company that has been making waves with its low-cost 3D printers. At CES 2016, a portion of their booth was taken up by another branch of the company, XYZlife, which is developing wearable Health Tech sensor modules and smart clothing.

One key component of the company’s product line is the BC1. This battery-powered sensor pack records the wearer’s motion and heart activity (ECG). It even includes fall detection and a button to trigger an alert, which can be valuable for elderly subjects. It pairs with a smartphone or tablet, and records a PDF of heart activity every five minutes. The battery lasts 8 to 10 hours between charges. The device can be worn directly on the skin, or it can be inserted in a shirt (available in styles for men and women) for convenience.

A company representative characterized the data as “clinically accurate.” The company has the device in clinical trials now, and is pursuing CE certification first. They hope to have FDA approval by the last quarter of 2016. The company has a similar sensor and clothing line for fitness applications as well.