Comper fetal monitor

There are lots of monitors available to keep track of your child after he or she is born, but what about before birth? We’ve covered other fetal monitors in the past, but at CES 2016, I saw a new device from Comper to monitor fetal heartbeats.

The Smart Doppler Fetal Monitor is a device that a pregnant woman can hold against her belly to check her baby’s heartbeat. Designed for simple, one-handed operation, it connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone running the free companion app so that you can listen and record the sounds, and share the recordings with others if you like. The device reads heart beats in the range of 65 to 210 beats per minute, and will issue an alert if it detects anything unusual that might need further attention.

According to the company, the device has been “certified” by the FDA in the U.S. and the CE in Europe. The company also offers a basal temperature monitor for women who are looking to conceive a child.