XSTAT30 600x275

Compressing a wound to stop blood flow and maintain pressure can save a life in the event of an acute injury such as a gunshot wound. Even without medical training, just watch a few TV shows or movies and you’ll understand the importance of stopping the flow of spurting blood. But what do you do if the wound is in the groin or another area where you can’t use a tourniquet or just press on it?

RevMedX recently received the FDA clearance for a product developed the battlefield in military applications when getting a wounded person to an emergency care facility will be delayed. The XSTAT 30 is used by first responders to stop blood flow. The XSTAT 30 is a test tube-shaped syringe containing tiny sponges that are injected directly into the wound. The sponges expand up to fifteen times their size within 20 seconds on contact with blood. The XSTAT 30 sponges are a temporary fix, intended for use up to four hours, hopefully enough time to get the patient to a medical facility. The sponges stop the blood flow and apply pressure. Each sponge contains an X-ray detectable marker to insure that all sponges are removed at a hospital or aid station.

First responders need all the help they can get. This medical device straight from the battlefield may save lives in civilian cases with life-threatening gun shots, knife wounds, car accidents, or other traumatic incidents.