iDerma-Back small

It looks a bit like a face mask for a Star Wars storm trooper, but it really has the force to do good. And instead of being from the Dark Side, the inside is filled with light. What is it? It’s the new iDerma from Apira Science, and it’s designed to promote healthier skin and combat the effects of aging.

The device has an array of 142 LEDs that emit visible red light and invisible infrared light. This combination has been shown to help improve healing and make skin look healthier. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per session at a health spa or a dermatologists office, however, consumers will be able to purchase this device and use it whenever they want; the device will cost $349 when it ships later this year. It is more convenient to use than competing hand-held consumer devices. The company also plans to offer additional lighting units that fit on the same headband; one will emit blue light to help treat acne, and the other green light to promote skin lightening for cases of hyperpigmentation.

Light therapy is a well-accepted therapy among dermatologists, and according to the company, the iDerma has FDA approval as a Class 2 device. It could make such treatments more affordable and more convenient.