CES neon arch (2)

Full Disclosure: I did not write this today, or even yesterday. I wrote this last weekend because yesterday I spent the day traveling and today I started drinking from a fire hose for the rest of this week. I’m at CES 2016, the largest consumer electronics exhibition in this country (and perhaps even the world). In addition to speaking at two events at this year’s show, I’ll be spending the bulk of my time in just one exhibit hall: the Sands Expo.

This will be ground zero for wearable Health Tech stories. Exhibitors at the Sands will include health and wellness, fitness technology, family and sports tech, smart watches, and other wearable devices. The same hall also includes home automation, accessibility, 3D printing, and robotics, all of which can play a part in Health Tech applications, so I’ll check out those as well. And of course, then there is “Eureka Park.” In this section, hundreds of small startups, Indiegogo entrepreneurs, and university researchers will be showing off their latest creations, looking for exposure and possibly funding to help bring their products to market. And wearables always figure to be a significant portion of the devices on display in this section.

Over the next two weeks (and possibly longer) I’ll report on the most exciting and interesting products that I see at CES 2016. I expect to see many of the products that we’ve mentioned here in the past two years, and I hope to provide updates on some of them. And I’m sure that there will be new players emerging on the wearable Health Tech scene that you’ll want to know about. So stay tuned, and if you have not already, be sure to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter so that you won’t miss anything.