Check My Temp band

We’ve written about a number of wireless thermometers over the years, that let you monitor the fever of a child or other person remotely. Setting notification limits means that you get an alert when the temperature rises above or falls below limits that you choose. And you don’t have to wake the person in order to track their temperature. These devices offer peace of mind to parents and caregivers, letting them get some rest or work on other tasks.

The folks at Check-my-Temp have expanded the concept with some useful features. They have developed an arm band that has a display module on one side that is connected to a small temperature sensor on the other. When placed on the upper arm, this puts the sensor near the armpit, so that it can get an accurate reading. The display provides a continuous readout, so you can visually check the person’s temperature without disturbing them. This sets the device apart from most remote monitors, but it has an additional feature: position and motion detectors. This additional information allows you to know if the person is asleep or awake. It can also detect whether the arm is next to the body, and will compensate if the arm is raised or away from the body. The motion detection can even issue an alert if it detects a fall, which can be especially helpful with elderly patients.

It has a companion app that can track up to six different monitors at once. It also medication reminders, lets you keep a record of symptoms, and share data with your healthcare professional. Alerts can be sent as emails or text messages, and they can be sent to multiple people such as family members and caregivers. The device is expected to retail for $60, and the company is currently running an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to raise money for manufacturing, with an expected ship date of July 2016.