iRhythm myZIO

Arrhythmia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose, because it can often be intermittent. As a result, patients have to wear a monitor that tracks their heartbeats for an extended period of time. And they also must log notable events when they occur, such as noticeable symptoms or periods of physical exertion, so that these can be mapped to the heartbeat records.

iRhythm is a company that makes a wearable ECG patch called the ZIO. The company has now released a companion application on Apple iOS phones and for computer browsers. It is called myZIO, and makes it easier for patients to interact with the ZIO patch. Patients can log symptoms and other events, receive reminders, and get information about the patch and heart conditions.

Unlike traditional Holter monitors that only record data for a day or two, the ZIO system can be used continuously for up to two weeks. This extra data makes it easier to provide a more accurate diagnosis. And the companion app will make the system more convenient for patients, which is likely to increase compliance and improve the quality of the data that much more.