Fever Scout with video button 600x271

Nothing’s worse for a parent than a sick kid. You want to care for them, you want them to get better quickly, and you want to let them rest. When they feel particularly lousy, they often don’t even want to be bothered or touched, which can make it difficult to take their temperature to see if they’re running a fever.

Enter Vivalnk’s FeverScout. Last year we wrote about Vivalnk’s eSkin Thermometer that used near-field communications (NFC) so you could read your child’s temperature by tapping the button-shaped device with a smartphone. This year the company has upped the convenience factor for everyone and added remote monitoring and alert features with Fever Scout, slated to ship in early spring 2016. The Z-shaped, silicon and polyurethane patch attaches to children’s skin (adults, too) via medical adhesive and communicates via Bluetooth 4.1 up to 8 meters (26+ feet). With an iOS or Android smartphone app you can set temperature alert levels and also chart temperature levels over time. Unlike the eSkin Thermometer, which draws power from the connecting device, Fever Scout has a tiny lithium ion battery and a docking charger so you can keep it ready for use. The company says a charges is good for up to a week of continuous use. You can add notes to any time reading, for example for when you gave your child medication and you can tap a Share button email or text a timeline report.

I can remember when our kids lived at home and one of them was sick. Particularly at night time but any time they were resting, we didn’t want to disturb them but we also wanted to be sure their temperature was in a safe range. With Fever Scout you can stay in your own room and check your sleeping child’s temperature at any time with the added assurance that if the fever spikes you’ll be alerted.