Tech Tat with video button 600 x 276

Electronic medical measurement and monitoring devices in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and homes are used increasingly to detect current status, problem conditions, and change over time. The last time I visited my primary care physician his assistant waved a small device near my forehead for a near instant temperature reading. The devices still need to be in the right place, however, and they also require storage space. What if you could apply a measurement device directly to your skin for a one time reading or even leave it on for monitoring over time? And what if it was cool looking, say like a tattoo?

Enter Chaotic Moon with their new concept Tech Tats. Using magnetic conductive paint and tiny electronic components, Chaotic Moon is developing stylistic temporary tattoos designs that can measure, monitor, and even report. With a measurement device worn on the skin, for example, if a critical level of body temperature , blood glucose, or hydration is reached the device could send an alert to the patient’s smartphone and to the doctor’s office. Still under development, Tech Tats could be used for specific combinations of measurements or for single purpose applications. In either case the Tech Tat is applied by pressing on the skin and then removing the paper backing, leaving the components and design in place.

Rather than going to the lab prior to your next physical your doctor may send you a Tech Tat to apply to your skin that will then send the office any required measurements. Parents theoretically could purchase a supply of body temperature reading devices that they could apply to a sick child and have the readings show up on a smart phone. With aesthetically pleasing designs, it’s easy to foresee people wearing their Tech Tats in full view, with tribal or other designs along with blinking glowing electronics.