Elderly patients suffer from walking disabilities after a stroke, brain trauma, or celebral palsy. Re-Step Rehabilitation System from Step of Mind is a non-invasive, portable system that is easy to use by patients either in rehab or at home under supervision.

The system comprises of special shoes that are connected to special software that changes height and angles of the soles in a specific order to facilitate motor learning. As patient learn to cope with the changes, the level of difficulty increases – all under supervision of a trained professional. This challenging training coupled with cognitive tasks help patients progress towards their natural walking ability. Patients are subjected to real-life walking conditions in the rehab center preparing them for various situations they would face in the outside world. In short, Re-Step conditions the motor centers of the central nervous system to accommodate and adjust the body’s responses to changes that occur while walking. Captured progress data is used for treatment recommendations which are delivered to connected devices like laptops, tablets, and/or smart mobile devices.

Allowing patients to regain their natural walking abilities and making them independent after they have suffered a major trauma is life changing. Solutions like Re-Step empowers patients to live life the way they were used to once thus, making them independent and self sufficient.