Health and fitness wearable market is on the rise and so is use of smart clothes with applications for athletes and posture management to name a few. eShirt, a product from Medical Device Innovation, a Milpitas, CA based company, is a wearable health system that manages health, fitness, and vital signs of the wearer. Like all wearables, this includes the shirt and its accompanying app.

Users wear the eShirt under regular clothes and can wirelessly connect to caregivers and family. The shirt gathers and transmits key data points such as heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate, temperature, posture, and activity to the smart phone via a wireless Bluetooth connection. This information helps create a comprehensive diagnostic picture of the wearer’s health at all times. The information is sent to the associated app via a secure connection where it’s collected and analyzed . If an abnormality or a variation from normal ranges is detected, an alert is automatically sent to caregivers. Sensors are embedded in the washable shirt and help with continuous health monitoring.

Physicians can make better diagnosis and well informed decisions given that eShirt provides a complete picture of wearer’s health. This can lead to better health management and reduction in healthcare costs. The shirt may be of particular interest for seniors; the eShirt can provide them with the independence that they desire while giving their caregivers peace of mind knowing that they are safe.