CareTRx Inhaler sensor

According to Centers of Disease Control (CDC), 18.7 million adults suffer from asthma, a condition that affects lungs and causes repeated attacks of wheezing, chest tightness, breathlessness, and coughing. Many people use inhalers to deliver medication for maintenance medium or immediate relief from an attach. These may be used in conjunction with other medicines depending on severity of symptoms. But sometimes not following the prescription or using the inhaler as instructed can cause major complications, possibly leading to expensive hospitalization.

CareTRx is a system that includes a small cap with sensors and memory that fits over the canister of metered dose inhalers. The device also has a companion app that runs on smartphones. The sensors record the when the dose is administered and stores the information until it comes in proximity of a mobile device; it then syncs the information with the app. Lights around the cap can alert the user when it’s time to use the inhaler. The app keeps records of triggers and symptoms, notifies the user about upcoming and/or missed doses, and also has a badge system with rewards to encourage users to stay on track and time. An important feature is the ability to share information with caregivers, doctors, and with permission with researchers as well.

Besides adults, there are around 6 million kids who are impacted by asthma, according to CDC. Solutions like CareTRx will definitely help parents better manage their kids asthma triggers and symptoms. It will motivate the kids to keep up with their inhaler schedule due to the motivators that could be found on the app.