UpRight posture

Apparently, poor posture is the low-hanging fruit of the wearable Health Tech market. Here is yet one more product that is addressing a problem that I suspect most consumers put pretty far down on their list of health issues to address. Poor posture can lead to many secondary problems including as back pain, bad body language, and stress. UpRight is a wearable device that is placed on lower back with hypoallergenic adhesive and is designed to train the wearer to attain good posture.

Embedded with dual sensors, the device gives out gentle vibrations when the wearer slouches: a physical reminder to improve their posture. The device has a smart learning algorithm that trains the body in a few weeks to sit and stand upright. UpRight users can be free from using the device once the mind and body are trained to attain the optimal posture. The device has an optional app at additional cost that generates a customized training program that offers real-time feedback, posture analytics, statistics, tips, and techniques to improve posture. The device’s battery lasts around 10 days between recharging. UpRight is available for pre-order for $129 and includes the wearable, charging port, adhesives, and a USB cable. While the team is located in Tel Aviv, UpRight is manufactured in China and is expected to ship in December 2015.

Consumers can choose among many different devices for posture management. Each has a slightly different value proposition. Success of these devices will depend on consumer willingness to accept that their posture needs correction and to find a solution that best meets with their needs.