The use of wearables in healthcare for patient monitoring and management is on the rise. Global Logic and Method, an experience design firm, working together with Bay Innovation, a firm started by two anesthetists, has designed a head mounted wearable, Vivi, that helps healthcare professionals monitor vital signs in real-time.

Vivi is non-intrusive, simple, and monochrome display designed as a clip on device to be worn by most doctors in the operating room. A small 8-bit display connects to the smart phone app using Bluetooth. The app allows the wearer to customize which vitals are most crucial for them to view during the surgery. It shows any changes to the vitals and overall patient condition in real-time allowing for immediate actions. Vivi is designed to be a companion device for involved doctors to get an idea of things without having to look away from operating table or constantly ask for updates.

Vivi is currently designed for doctors responsible for keeping patients stable during surgery in order to avoid potential complications and to react faster in case they see any. Availability or price of the device is not yet available. While the medical field may be its first application, the device has potential use in other areas as well.