Kid Power Band

Kids and nutrition has been a concern globally. Target has partnered with US Fund for UNICEF to bring the Kid Power Band to kids across the U.S. The Kid Power Band was created as part of the UNICEF “wearable-for-good” initiative of UNICEF, and Target will be its exclusive retailer. [EDIT NOTE 12/19/2019: It has been to our attention that the Kid Power Band is no longer available, and we have removed the related links.]

Target’s goal is get kids involved in hunger relief and focus on overall wellness at the same time. The Kid Power Band is a kid friendly wearable that comes with a free app. Kids go on various missions through the app, learn about different cultures, and participate in various activities to earn points. These points are then converted into therapeutic food packages that UNICEF delivers to malnourished children across the world. More points earned means more food for the needy children. It’s a win-win situation for all the kids involved here, both those wearing the bands and those receiving the nutritional assistance. The program also teaches kids to be responsible global citizens. Over 12,000 kids use the Kid Power already. In March 2015, kids participating in the program in Boston, Dallas, and New York schools walked more than 500,000 miles, unlocking 188,850 therapeutic food packets—enough for 1,259 children. Target’s goal is to increase the reach to 70,000 students next year.

Target has plans to use corporate and local sponsors to make the Kid Power Band available to students in schools who might not be able to afford one. The bands go on sale on the Target website on November 29, and can be pre-ordered now.