Glassy Pro

The sport of surfing is growing in popularity, and this has led to development of new technologies that help surfers improve their skills. Glassy Zone is a wearable device designed to improve surfers’ performance as well as improve their health and well-being.

Glassy Zone is a waterproof wrist band that tracks fitness, surfing motions, and sleep. It is also equipped with a UV light sensor. The accompanying smart phone app provides insightful data to the surfer. Related to surfing, the device uses the GPS position, number of waves the surfer rides on, and the speed to provide an analysis of where the best surf is, when to catch the best waves, and where to sit in the line up for best performance. It also provides real-time forecasts and alerts as well as updates from surfing community. The band also tracks exposure to UV radiation when surfer is in or out of the water and notifies them when the daily limit is reached via blinking LEDs. The app also has a social networking angle that allows surfers to share their information and compete with their friends.

For avid surfers, a device such as this could prove to be extremely useful as it not only provides analytics around their surfing activities but also provides them information on UV exposure. Currently Glassy Zone is raising funds via and has reached over 70% of its goal. The company hopes to start ship product by the fall of 2016.