FUIFILM SonoSite iViz


Medical imaging is one of many modern, life-saving miracles. Starting with X-rays to peer into the hidden parts of the human body, we now have many technologies available for diagnosis and tracking of patient injuries and conditions from the battlefield to the delivery room. Often, the equipment used is bulky, expensive, and not particularly mobile. FUJIFILM SonoSite hopes to change all that with their new iViz portable ultrasound device.

The system consists of a dedicated tablet and a handheld transducer. Battery-powered, it can be used in clinical settings or taken into the field to treat patients where they are. The device can communicate wirelessly by WiFi, cellular data, and Bluetooth connections to transmit data to IT systems or the cloud, where the information can be stored, analyzed, and shared. This makes it practical for healthcare workers in the field to obtain ultrasound images of patients, and send that data to physicians and experts at another location. The system also lets the healthcare worker access patient history and other records. This can result in a faster and more accurate diagnosis, leading to more effective treatments and better outcomes, whether it is used by a paramedic in an ambulance in a major city or a midwife in some rural village.

The iViz has already received CE certification in Europe, and FDA clearance is pending.