DynoSense is a company that has developed a system of connected devices that reportedly can “capture more than 33 critical health metrics in less than 60 seconds with a single user action.” The product has not shipped yet, but the company is taking pre-orders for the base model. The more advanced models will be available for pre-order in 2016, according to the company website.

In spite of the lack of shipping product, the company has announced a partnership with EVVO Labs of Singapore for product development and distribution in Asia. EVVO will focus on applying the technology to address chronic disease management as well as corporate and consumer wellness. The base model will reportedly measure all 33 biometrics, including heart rate, heart rhythm, heart variability, respiration rate, breathing volume, breathing efficiency, relative blood pressure, hydration level, blood oxygen levels, core body temperature, and more. Advanced models add a smart scale, activity tracking, fall detection, and more.

Clearly, there is a risk that products such as these may remain vaporware, and it won’t be until we actually hold production versions in our hands that we can truly evaluate their accuracy and usefulness. With that caveat in mind, it is still encouraging to see how rapidly this market for connected home biometric measurement devices is developing. It underscores the promise offered by telehealth for more effective monitoring of patient conditions.