Ancient technique of Yoga has two important components, breath and posture, both of which are known for their health benefits. Recent studies have also shown the importance of these same two factors to ensure overall health and wellness.

San Francisco-based Prana has announced a wearable device that helps its users gain most benefits in their seated position by tracking breath and posture. Prana is a small, clip-on device worn at the waistband and connects to the users via a mobile app. It combines the benefits of yoga with posture management to help users with health benefits such as stress reduction, back pain reduction, and better focus. Other benefits from breathing right include lowering of blood pressure, better sleep, improved mood, and improving heart rate variability among others. Prana tracks diaphragmatic breathing and posture and notifies the user gently when breathing or posture can be improved. Besides this passive tracking, the app consists of two-minute fun exercises that help gain benefits from breathing and good posture. Prana recognizes the sit or stand position. When sitting, it provides an opportunity to consciously use the games on the app. When standing, Prana switches to traditional pedometer or step tracker. The device tracks 10 different breath statistics and posture using advanced algorithms and breath evaluations. The low energy Bluetooth sends real-time alerts via the mobile app.

We have covered many posture improvement devices in Health Tech Insider and Prana is one more in this field. The key difference is its breath tracking to help with overall health and wellness of users.