The SensiumVitals patch is a disposable, low-power, wireless sensor that monitors a patient’s vital signs. The device has received FDA clearance, and now is undergoing clinical trials in St. Jame’s University Hospital, Leeds, in England.
The device takes vital signs readings at two minute intervals, sending the results wirelessly to the hospital IT systems. If any of the measures fall outside predetermined limits, alerts are issued to the nurses and other healthcare staff. The result is that patients receive attention more rapidly, which improves patient outcomes as well as reduces the costs resulting from treating complications. This initial trial involves about 100 patients in post-operative wards who have experienced colo-rectal surgery. According to a professor of surgery at the hospital, “post-surgery, patients’ health can deteriorate rapidly,” requiring staff to intervene as quickly as possible.

The study is designed to evaluate the impact of the system on patient health outcomes, as well as possible savings of time and money for the hospital and its staff.