Lumo Run

The smart clothing is getting more crowded by the day. Most smart clothes available today are geared towards sports and fitness, measuring basic vital signs and fitness related information. Some smart clothes focus on preventing back and spine injuries. To this growing list, add Lumo Run from Palo Alto-based Lumo BodyTech.

About a month ago, we talked about Lumo BodyTech and their posture correction product LumoLift. The company is getting ready to launch Lumo Run which comes in two versions: a men’s running shorts and women’s running capri. These pants will provide users with real-time feedback on their overall performance, help improve speed and distance, and prevent injuries. Lumo Run running shorts have a 9-axis smart sensor embedded in the waist band. This sensor monitors and informs users about their running form via the smart phone app. It further offers real-time coaching to improve and optimize running performance. The sensors monitor bounce, cadence, pace, pelvic rotation, ground contact, and stride of the runners. The sensor monitors various running motions and guides runner to improve their stride, posture and motion via audio cues. The collected data points transfer to the mobile app to monitor performance of the runner. The sensor is machine washable and the battery life is about a month.

Good running form is very important as it helps the runner increase speed and distance and also helps prevent injuries. Lumo Run shorts can be pre-ordered for $99 and the capris for $119 until October 21, when the price is scheduled to increase.