Health and fitness are in vogue. Consumers follow health plans, go to gyms to train, use wearables to track their daily exercises, and invest time and money to ensure they are fit. This trend has also led to injuries caused due to incorrect training processes and postures.

Ollinfit is a personal wearable trainer that helps people understand the best way to exercise and prevent injuries. It is a set of three wearable sensors and a smart phone app that guides its users through various exercise routines with real-time, easy-to-follow voice instructions and vibration feedback. Placement of the sensors depends on what exercise routine one is planning to follow. This allows for maximum coverage and accurate tracking of form and instructions around corrections. During the exercise routine, voice guidance helps with the user correct bad form and get most out of each rep. Vibration sensors gently vibrate to identify the areas of bad form and prompt the user to correct them. The app provides a visual analysis of form quality and saves the details of the workout. It also helps keep track of the progress made. Ollinfit’s goal is to give its user maximum benefits from the exercise routine, correct form, and prevent injuries.

Raising costs of professional training leads consumers to turn to friends and family or other low or no cost means for exercise routines. Often these are not accurate and lead to injuries or bad exercising habits. Products like Ollinfit, besides the mentioned benefits, take the expensive professional trainer out of the picture. This simple multi-sensor system could have other applications in healthcare settings, such as providing real time feedback for physical therapy and rehabilitation patients during their exercise sessions.