Imagine that you could plug a module into your smartphone with a simple cable, and it would turn into a digital stethoscope. Or that another module could wirelessly measure the temperature of a person without even touching their skin. This is not magic; this is what the new CliniCloud can do.

The product is set to ship by the end of October, and the company recently announced that the kit will be available for sale at Best Buy in US and Canada when it ships. The stethoscope recordings are at CD-quality levels, and can be shared with your physician to aid in diagnosis. The app instructs you where to place the module when taking a recording. The thermometer does not require direct contact with the patient, so you don’t have to wake your baby to check his or her temperature. The company also has partnered with Doctor on Demand to provide instant access to a physician to consult with you about your CliniCloud data. (There’s an extra fee for these consultations.)

The product has earned the backing of investors, and the company recently announced a new round of $5 million in seed money. The product complies with the FDA’s requirements for a Class II device. This could well be a bellwether product for the tele-health consumer market.