voyce pet monitor

Like people, health monitoring for pets is very important and wearable technology helps with this as well. A number of products are being designed to manage and monitor pet health. Voyce is one such company that creates a solution – consumer and veterinarian specific – that helps manage health of pets over 8 pounds.

Created by I4C Innovations Inc., Voyce is a health management system. The consumer tracks a dog’s vital signs and other information to look for signs of pain. If irregularities are observed it triggers a notice by phone, text or email. The veterinarian version – Voyce Pro – is available to veterinarians to prescribe for pets recovering from surgery or long-term illness. The system has two parts: the collar and an app. The Voyce Health Monitor or collar has non-invasive sensors that gather vital health information. This monitor tracks various activity metrics as well as resting heart and respiratory rates, both of which can help detect health conditions. In addition, it also helps identify various health conditions such as chronic or acute pain, behavior issues, heart disease, and anxiety for preventative care at any age. The usual information around activity rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and other fitness related information is captured as well. This monitor was developed by biomedical engineers, veterinary experts, and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The app or Voyce Wellness Management Center, provides access to all the health data collected from the monitor. This app creates a baseline for the pets based on the information and helps pet parents and veterinarians understand the changes and make pet specific diagnosis. The app provides health trends, goal set up and achievement history and timelines, caregiver and vet access, reminders of vet visits, articles related to the breed and other relevant information.

For healthy life of a pet, monitoring and management of health is very important. With products like Voyce, pet parents are not longer using judgment or looking for signs of behavior change; it is provided to them with health data and trends. It helps with early identification of health issues and better care options.