ZOLL Kyma monitor

ZOLL Medical Corporation, manufacturer of medical devices and related software solutions, recently acquired Tel Aviv, Israel-based Kyma Medical Technologies, Ltd., a manufacturer of a wearable remote patient monitoring device that is used for chronic cardiac illnesses. The Kyma team will work with ZOLL’s LifeVest division, which manufactures wearable defibrillators.

Kyma has a remote patient monitoring system called µ-Cor, which is used for fluid management for patients suffering from heart failure among other chronic illnesses. This system monitors level of fluids in lungs and also collects other critical health data including heart and respiration rate, activity, and posture using radio frequency based technology. The wearable part of the system is attached to the patient’s torso. Proprietary algorithms help determine trends based on the vital signs for each patient. If the patient’s condition deteriorates, notifications are sent to the patient’s caregivers and health care providers. Timely information from the device helps with reducing hospital readmissions, improving care provided to the patient, and achieving better outcomes.

Wearable devices are being integrated in daily life for more than just fitness monitoring. Their rapid use in managing patients with chronic illnesses is likely to help with better manage patients and reduce healthcare costs. Acquisitions such as this are one sign of the consolidation that is inevitable in a rapidly-expanding market like wearables.