wahoo tickr

Heart health monitoring is very important and a number of devices provide the feature these days. While chest straps may be losing some ground, Wahoo’s Tickr is a wearable chest strap that has unique features that make it desirable for heart and health monitoring.

Tickr is a water and sweat proof wearable device that is strapped around the chest. The tracker is like a plastic pebble that has a pair of contacts that connect the device to the connecting band. The device does not have its own display but has two LED lights – blue to show connection and red for heart rate detection. With internal memory of 16 hours, Wahoo Tickr X model can store information on heart rate data and other motion activities that can be transferred at a later time. Key features of Tickr include Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band technology that allow the device to work with both GPS-based devices and smartphones. Tickr pairs with 7 Minute App that allows for automatic rep counting and high-intensity interval workout. The Tickr captures heart rate and movements at the core providing accurate motion analytics for running, cycling or working out at the gym. Tickr works with both iPhones and Android devices and is also compatible with many other applications such as Nike+ Running, Runkeeper, Strava, and MapMyFitness in addition to Wahoo’s own fitness app.

Other devices such as workout trackers, running trackers, cycling trackers and Bluetooth scale among others complete Wahoo’s offering of health and fitness monitoring.