Wearables have found various applications in healthcare from monitoring health and daily routines to keeping track of vital signs during emergency situations. These devices, in a slightly different form, also have found use among pet owners. Wearables are being used to monitor pet vital signs and activity throughout the day.

PetPace, provider of collar for remote real-time monitoring of pets, has announced integration of its data, via a custom portal, with veterinary practice management software from Cornerstone. Veterinarians use Cornerstone software to manage hospital operations, administration, and paperless patient health records. The PetPace collar is low power, wireless, and has an array of sensors that detect abnormal behavior and sends alerts to the pet owners of the suspected condition. Pet owners will be able to transfer activity reports and pet health information to Cornerstone using PetPace Veterinary web application. Integrating vitals and other health related data collected by the collar with the medical reports in Cornerstone is likely to reduce hospital administrative overhead costs and increase information visibility. PetPace also produces reports and statistical analyses that can be included as part of pet patient history and can be used for any diagnosis needed.

Pet owners are concerned about the pet health and behavior changes while they are away from home. The integration of PetPace and Cornerstone is one of the examples where this behavior is not only tracked but can be managed effectively leading to healthier pet.