Sensoria socks

Increasing health consciousness and wide variety of fitness trackers and wearables have made people conscious of their health. With data of all sorts being tracker, running for leisure is one of the most common activities today. But this has led to increase in running related injuries as well.

Sensoria, developer of connected wearable devices, has announced the availability of their smart socks called Fitness Socks that are embedded with three proprietary textile sensors. The conductive fiber relays data to the Bluetooth-enabled anklet which pairs with a companion mobile app. The app gives users real-time updates on form, distance, pace, speed, ascent, descent, altitude, foot contact time (milliseconds), number of steps, and cadence. The gathered data can be viewed on a web based dashboard and/or mobile device. Any other wearable device gathers the information distance and pace among other things but the unique feature of Sensoria is that it combines this data with foot landing technique, shoe comparison and real time feedback on how to run smarter. The app has a virtual coach that allows users to customize their workout, provides real-time audio and video feedback during the run and may help avoid injuries related to impact forces, foot landing and running form. These socks are machine washable.

With advantages like real-time audio and video feedback, performance management, and injury reduction, runners can benefit from Sensoria Fitness Socks. It is easy to see how this same technology could be applied to other health and medical conditions, such as analyzing the gait of the elderly or stroke recovery patients.