epilepsy smartwatch

Wearable technology – smart watches, fitness trackers or wristbands – not only helps monitor symptoms automatically, it may be able to predict serious events such as seizures and track disease progression. As wearable devices paired with mobile apps enter markets, medical professionals will be able to monitor and manage major neurological disorders and adjust treatments based on the data captured in real time.

Smart Monitor is one of the companies that have a smart watch that monitors epilepsy patients. The SmartWatch is a wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and alerts selected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion. This system also provides the doctor real time information on what happened, when it happened, and what medication the patient was on to make adjustments to the treatment plans. The SmartWatch has other useful features, including reminders to tell the patient when it’s time to take medication, and a button that can be pressed to summon help in an emergency.

The product is available now, and must be used in conjunction with certain Android smartphone models. The notifications can be received by any phone that has text-message and phone call service. There is a one-time purchase fee, plus a monthly subscription fee for the service.